Recipe For Disaster

from by Gary

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dear, you’re dying
but aren’t we all?
we could make the best of this
self destruction, hedonism, a dash of whats left
of my angry youth
the drugs in your head
these calloused hands
fumbling with a match under
defaulted loans, rotten teeth,
food stamp cards and our
punk retirement plans
mapped on bell curving trends
mix it all together - it’s a recipe for disaster

i’m a fool i guess for thinking it would be anything less
than what it is
a way to die alone
i am a sorry excuse for a man
but i never aimed to be
and sometimes it’s enough
to be just as beautiful, just as beautiful as fucked up

when we’re playing it’s with fire at crowded basement shows
riots on midnight streets
our secrets shared between these
fragile bones
tangled within sheets
we are forever criminals
waste deep in disease
dirty dishes, theft citations, addictions, and drinking problems
high school dropouts, work force rejects
mix it all together - it’s a recipe for disaster

we’re all fools i guess for thinking it would be anything less
than what it is
a way to kill ourselves
what a sorry excuse for success but
failure holds a certain charm
and i dont think i am
alone in that regard
or alone in any way at all

these walls were built to crumble but for now they hold together
if for just a while
so we let our years tangle
into knots of passion like
punk rock fashion
broken hearted vengence
and half-baked reciept scams
i stole a bike to pay the rent
that’s anarchist morality hard at work
bold lines are draw to cross carelessly
this may not be the quick path to hell
but it’s a recipe for disaster

for every broken law and every burning bridge i’ve crossed along
the road to salvation
i’ve thought that this cannot end well
time will betray the greatest memories
so lets punch kick and scream
and never understand a goddamn thing


from Filthy, Free, released April 6, 2014




Gary Salt Lake City, Utah

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