Fighting For Our Lives

from by Gary

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we stood or knelt in concert halls
on rooftops under lighting storms
in the dead grass of graveyards we swore
with tears in our eyes
to never go back and never give in
our greatest defeats just prove that
we are still alive and kicking
we hitchhiked across continents
lived in houses left for dead
fell in love with the darkness
and a starlit sky
we dropped out and walked away
from financial stability
invested our futures in empty wallets
dumpsters and petty theft
shed ourselves of empty promises
i’m going to live at ruthless
and as dangerous as i please
the day that i fucking die!

when we fight we’re fighting for our lives x3
and you can bet that thats a threat
i’m not going to stop until every last law is broken
and fucking cop is dead

we broke siege on campuses
fought the pigs in futile riots
nursed each other back to health
just to fight again
emptied on to city streets
from shows that changed our lives
then stayed up til sunrise
chasing our dreams and our desires
we robbed banks and burned the cash
accomplished failures just for a laugh
found strength in stories told from
half a world away
and in silent moments
as we laid our heroes to rest
i swear vengence as i throw down my pen
because we’re rewriting ourselves
with bombs and beating hearts
passed through prison bars
and over continents
tales lived and never told
and that’s the way its going to be
the day that i fucking die!

when we fight were fighting for our lives x3
and as the fires start to build we’ll whisper to ourselves
in a secret harmony of laughter and tears

that one day this will all come crashing down
we’ll be dancing in the ashes of this empire
growing gardens in abandon yards
when theres nothing left to loot
and we’ll be playing in the these streets
lined with derelict cars to serve as a
reminder of everything we’ve left behind
with no regrets, no regrets at all.


from Filthy, Free, released April 6, 2014




Gary Salt Lake City, Utah

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