Drugs and Daydreams

from by Gary

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I am a myth
and you are ancient folk lore
yet unwritten, untold
those tasks we leave
to those content
with demonizing and deifying
these understatements of affection and possibility
as we push
past and future so distant
they may well be non-existent
and the days become infinite

we’re always headed home
by way of somewhere else
fueled by the drugs and daydreams
that run around in our blood

on the interstate
or a railway stowaway on passenger or freight train
shoplifting my way across the great plains
on a bicycle that may outlive me yet

i surrender myself to the chaos
behind structured time
where clocks unwind themselves
it’s so much like all the things i will never know
and all the places that i will never
and all the wasted time
whittled away
in railyards on roadsides
where perfection comes without charge
not that i
was planning on paying anyway


one thousand miles
spanning fifty years
where land and souls meet shores
the path i take not so direct
for small towns and side roads
landscapes from boxcars
the silence
pierced by a draw of breathe
yours or mine
we wander between lines
to wonder at our size
giants like grains of sand


love and life
are a pair of train tracks
but i can’t explain beyond that


from Filthy, Free, released April 6, 2014




Gary Salt Lake City, Utah

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