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i know it's not the coldest but
this winter has frozen
all my aspirations
I'm all hesitation
and i can barely get up
sometime before noon
to go to the library
just to keep my fingers warm
but i wouldn't trade you here for anywhere
and you i hope that someday you will find a place that makes you feel the same

i'd like to think i know this as well
as anyone can know something bigger than themselves
the way i'm searching for somewhere to stand
but this is where i am a perfect place to defend
i found a home between the wasatch range
and the great salt lake
this is where i belong

and so the seasons change
our bodies start to move
they whisper insurrections
crush in all directions
write new languages and hypothesis
questionable methods and dangerous intentions
i have a thing for love and vandalism retail theft and anarchism
an you smell like sex and spraypaint photocopies, bikes, and dumpster dives

and now the summers come - can you feel it in your blood?
we're sharing our infections fuck every prescription
symptoms on our shirt sleeves wearing faults like trophies
to the soundtrack of slow days, touring bands, and trainyard dates
I i'm not growing up not to imply that i even know how
you can read it in our eyes the way we'll never leave all this behind


from Filthy, Free, released April 6, 2014




Gary Salt Lake City, Utah

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